Meet Senior Decision Makers From Industry & Academia:

With Job Titles Including:
  • CEO's, Founders And Managing Directors
  • Directors Of Engineering
  • R&D Directors
  • Advanced Manufacturing Leaders
  • Heads Of Material Science
  • Managers Of New Technologies
  • Additive Manufacturing Leaders
  • Heads Of Strategy
From The Following Industry Sectors:
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Medical & Dental
  • Construction & Architecture
  • Apparel & Sports
  • Oil & Gas
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronic
  • Domestic Appliances
Plus Key Industry Suppliers Including:
  • Machine Manufacturers
  • Material Suppliers
  • Additive Manufacturing Service Bureaus
  • Software Developers
  • Post-Processing Service Providers
  • Intellectual Property Legal Services
  • Consultancies

The Only Congress Focussed On Mass Production Applications

Additive manufacturing offers the potential to overcome the limitations of traditional manufacturing techniques and reduce material waste and costs. For years, industries have used AM for rapid prototyping, but material supply, machine capabilities, standardisation concerns and risky business cases have hindered the integration of the technology into mass production manufacturing processes.

However across industry sectors as diverse as aerospace, automotive, medical, construction and apparel, industry is beginning to successfully integrate 3D printing and additive manufacturing, benefiting from significant cost reductions and enabling the development of innovative new products for customers.


The 2nd annual 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing: Industrial Applications Global Summit 2014 builds upon the success of the inaugural London event to provide the very latest successful case studies and analysis of the remaining challenges. At this unique congress, with an agenda forged by the hottest experts in the industry, you will hear how major manufacturers have introduced innovative design methodologies, created robust material supply chains and leveraged the latest machines to revolutionise manufacturing.



The Only Additive Manufacturing Congress Dedicated To High Volume Production Applications...

  • MASS PRODUCTION FOCUS: From material supply to standardisation, each presentation shares success stories and strategies for taking additive manufacturing from prototyping to mass production
  • APPLICATION DEVELOPER LED: Presentations are delivered by industry end-users, those looking to leverage technology to develop innovative new products. No sales pitches or consultants
  • REQUESTED BY INDUSTRY: In-depth research with industry is used to determine the very latest challenges, write the agenda and ensure every detail delivered is targeted towards the specific audience
  • TARGETED NETWORKING: We have a limited number of delegate places for industry decision makers and experts with no free access expo. Every conversation you have will be with an industry peer sharing your challenges
  • NO MOMENT MISSED: Our intimate, purposefully designed venues and downloadable presentations ensure you won't miss a single second of the discussions and you can share lessons with colleagues upon your return to the office


Manufacturing Technica Manager, 3M

"Enjoyed the candor, data sharing and practical relevance of the content shared/discussed at this conference"


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